Are you a designer or retailer interested in our flowers for resale?


Send your resale certificate and contact information to


The best way to shop wholesale with us on a weekly basis is to connect on the Rooted Farmers platform. Our availability list will be updated on Rooted every Tuesday. The list shows what will be available the following Monday-Friday. If Rooted does not work for you, please reachout to Alaena to place a direct order. 

Most items on the list are sold by the 10 stem bunch unless otherwise noted. 

Orders can be picked up at the farm Monday-Friday (8am-4pm). We strongly suggest that you do not receive your order until Wednesday for a weekend event (particularly for delicate flowers like dahlias, cosmos, zinnias, etc). Most crops are cut fresh the day before your order will be picked up/delivered and are conditioned in our cooler. This assures premium quality blooms, assuming proper storage once they leave the farm. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about how to best handle your flowers once you receive them. All orders must be recieved before 7am, one day before pickup/delivery. We cannot take orders BEFORE the availability list is updated unless it is for bulk buckets.

There is a $100 order minimum for pickup at the farm in Scarborough. 


Let us choose for you! Give us a description of your event, palette, and a budget and we will put together a bucket (or buckets) with whatever is best from the field. Bulk minimum is $75.

NOTE: this option is for wholesale customers only. For wedding bulk, please contact or contact Alaena for all other orders. More here for non-wholesale customers. 


We can deliver orders to the Portland area Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Deliveries north of Portland happen on Wednesdays. Deliveries south of Scarborough happen on Tuesdays and  Fridays. We cannot garuntee delivery beyond Yarmouth or Biddeford - please get in touch if you would like to inquire about our delivery range. All deliveries will be made after 9am. Please let us know if you will need your order delivered by a specific time so we can plan our route accordingly.

Want to save on delivery fees? Join our shared designer contact spreadsheet to coordinate a central pickup location with other designers in your area. Email Alaena at to be added to the shared list.

Minimum order for delivery:
Within 20 miles - $200
Within 40 miles - $500


Delivery AreaDistance from Broadturn FarmDelivery Fee
Portland Area5-15 miles$10
Yarmouth/Biddeford16-25 miles$20
Brunswick/Portsmouth26-50 miles$35

A note about advance orders (more than a week before the event): We are unable to guarantee that any crop will be available for your event if it is several weeks away but will do our best to give you an idea of what might be possible. While we do our best to harvest before any major weather events we can sometimes unexpectedly lose a crop overnight. If this happens, we will suggest an appropriate substitute. A perk of growing over 300 varieties of flowers is that there is always something beautiful out there to fit your palette!