Our driveway is at 388 Broadturn Road and you are welcome to park there to pick-up pre-orders or check out what is in the farm-stand. It is a busy space so if you are here for a longer visit, a woods-walk, or if you are attending an event here, please park along the access road which is off of Hanson Road. This address will get you there: 6 Hanson Road.

Are you planning a venue tour or visit to discuss wedding flowers? Please make an appointment to ensure we have time to meet with you. 

The Farmstand:
Broadturn Farm is open for farmstand visitors seasonally from Mother's Day in May to the first frost in the fall, often around Indigenous People's Day weekend.

CSA pick-up available between 10am and sundown on either pick-up day.
See CSA FAQ for more detail.

Want to pick-up flowers at the farm? We do not stock the farmstand daily. Please call ahead to place a special order, join our newsletter for specific pre-ordering opportunities and follow us on social media. Stay tuned to Instagram and Facebook for updates.

The Trail:
The Scarborough Land Trust welcomes visitors to use the Sandi's Silverbrook Trail from dawn to dusk, every day, year-round. The trail-head is near the back of the farmstead, marked by a large kiosk. Note that the Land Trust deals directly with permissions to hunters or trappers.

Visiting the Fields and Photography:
High School Seniors often like to have their photos taken in our fields. We are honored to have you, but please send an email to John (john@broadturnfarm) or Stacy ( to make sure that your visit does not coincide with one of our hosted events. Any professional photography (aside venue-wide rentals) in our fields will also need to be scheduled as well as a confirmed  donation to the Scarborough Land Trust. Donation to SLT is easy and an emailed receipt is all we ask. When you donate online there is an option to Dedicate your gift. Write Broadturn Farm in that field and then in the space to notify us, and that's it. We suggest 10% of the cost of the photography service. Please stay out of the  barns and the  hoophouses. A photo session involving props/models or promotional material must arrange a separate venue rental agreement with the farm.