Join the Crew 2022


A note about COVID - while much of our work happens outdoors in open air, Broadturn Farm will follow all CDC and state mandates to ensure the safety of our crew and customers. This will include wearing masks when indoors or not socially distanced, proper sanitation, and staggered work schedules when necessary. We hold our staff accountable when at work and expect them to maintain the same level of safety in their personal lives. If you have any questions about our protocols please do not hesitate to ask. 

Crew Member - Part-time

Broadturn Farm is looking to fill two part-time positions for seasonal crew members. Starting in May/June and running through September/October. You will work two midweek days, 6am-3pm (start times may flux throughout the season depending on daylight and temperature). 

This is a great position for someone interested in all aspects of flower farming! Duties will include harvesting over 300 varieties of flower crops in all types of weather and efficiently processing flowers for sale. You will also take part in other vital jobs, including lots of weeding, lots of planting, washing buckets, delivering, and much more. Experience is not necessary but you must have a love of flowers, farming, and a willingness to learn. You must love watching the sunrise and the fog lift. You must love carrying armloads of blooms back to the barn. And then, once you get over all that romance on the first day, you must be willing to show up every day after that and sweat, get a few bug bites, and laugh and joke and sing karaoke with our boisterously funny crew. It’s hard work but fun and often supremely beautiful. There may be opportunities for some weekend work on weddings or additional harvesting if you are interested. Serious inquiries only. 


  • Can adapt easily and willingly to fluctuations throughout the day including: schedule, temperature/weather/precipitation, and job duties
  • Is capable of openly receiving feedback about how to increase the pace of efficient work
  • Loves to be outdoors, participating in physical activity, in a beautiful space with fun-loving coworkers
  • Exhibits hardcore motivation, always, even about the end of day cocktail and the early morning harvest
  • Shows up fully, every day, with a positive attitude, a good sense of humor and finds joy in engagement
  • Views customer interactions of all kinds as an opportunity for mutual learning and growth, and approaches them with an earnest sense of purpose and a heartfelt sincerity no matter if it’s at the farm or on the road delivering
  • Sees value in all the work of everyday farming and rises to every occasion
  • Able to work collaboratively and compassionately with people from diverse backgrounds in terms of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class, political beliefs and religion.
  • Possesses a commitment to understanding and embracing the broader philosophy of sustainable, family-scale farming as an occupation and a lifestyle
  • Has the ability to take initiative as their knowledge base develops and possesses a high level of self motivation
  • Must LOVE the smell of leaf mulch

Please send a resume & cover letter to

    A note about cats, dogs, and poultry...

    Upwardly mobile, results-oriented cats and personable, process-driven dogs work at Broadturn. All positions are currently filled, but successful candidates have been known to break into this rewarding work environment with the right pedigree and perseverance.

    Additionally, our Rooster quota is currently complete. No matter how nice and family oriented he may be, we are all set...unless you drop him off during slaughter-week (mid-September), when all birds for meat get their send-off.