DIY Bulk Flowers: Loose Stems for Your Own Floral Designs


A bulk bucket is a great option if you are looking to source the best of what is currently growing in the field. Each bucket is filled with focal flowers, lush greenery, and textures. Because our bulk buckets are entirely seasonal (down to the day) we are unable to promise to include any specific flower varieties. You can let us know if you have a preferred color palette and a little bit about your design scheme. Or go with farmer's choice and leave the decision making to us!

Why buy Bulk Flowers?

For a party, business meeting, or fun
Put together your own floral arrangements for a special event. You don't have to be a trained designer to make something beautiful.
Even an interesting mix of flowers and textures loosely placed in a vase can completely change a space!

For your wedding
If you are looking to support a local flower farm but need to stick to a tight budget, bulk flowers are a great option.

You should make sure to consider the following before choosing to go this route:

  • Do you have friends or family available to help execute your vision? Make sure you think hard about how much time will be available to put flower arrangements together and who can be involved. You will need time (and space in a car) to pick the flowers up, as well as time to put everything together.
  • Is there a space at the venue where you can make a mess? Making your own floral arrangements means you will have stems to strip and cut. It can be a wet and somewhat dirty process.
  • Will you have a cool place to store the arrangements once they are made? If the flowers are in water they do not need to be refrigerated but we suggest keeping them out of the elements until the morning of the event. Cool and out of the sun is always ideal. 

How many buckets will you need?

A single bucket will have approximately 60-70 stems depending on the season. If you are making arrangements this can fill around 5-6 vessels with a 3 inch opening (think wide mouth mason jar), depending on how full you like your arrangements. If you are filling bud vases, imagine around 3 stems per vase. If you are making bouquets, one bucket can make a medium sized handheld bouquet and 2 smaller "attendant's sized" bouquets. 

Please email to place a bulk flower order for your event.

Looking for some design work (i.e. handheld bouquets) and some bulk flowers for your wedding? Fill out the questionnaire via the button below.


You may order bulk buckets up to one week before pickup. But we encourage you to place your order as early as possible because weekends in summer can book up quickly.  Pickup is available at Broadturn Farm, Monday - Saturday.  Delivery is available for larger bulk orders and can be coordinated over the phone or by email.

Tips for ordering and using bulk flowers:

  • You should plan to pick up your buckets 1-2 days before your event. It is not advised that you pick them up more than 3 days before or on the day of the event. 
  • Make sure there is plenty of room in your car and that you have working air conditioning. 
  • You will need your own clippers, tools, vases, tape, etc. We do not rent or provide them.
  • Strip the leaves off any part of the stem that will be in water. This will keep the water fresh and ensure that you can enjoy your flowers for days to come!
  • Top off the water in all arrangements once they are placed at their final destination. 
  • Think outside the box! White and blush flowers can be beautiful but a colorful palette can be surprisingly elegant as well. You can trust us to pick a mix that will exceed your expectations.