Speaking and Writing

John and Stacy are available to present or write about:

  • Letting go of the romantic notion of land ownership and focusing on the development of a successful farm business.
  • Organic production farming.
  • Scaling up from initial vision to production.
  • Marketing your farm through storytelling.
  • Using technology judiciously.
  • Record-keeping.
  • Field mapping.
  • Certification paperwork.
  • Communications
  • Homestead-scale livestock
  • Family balance and the farm life...or, how not to burn out.
  • Land tenure-ship, leasing, and procurement.
  • Flowers and floristry with field-grown and farm-foraged goods.

We have presented in Maine, Virginia, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Nova Scotia on these and other topics.

We contribute regularly to Taproot Magazine.

If you are looking for a fresh voice, reach out and let's talk about what we can offer you. Contact us to learn more.


Ag-gnostic Consulting

John and Stacy have hosted over 40 interns, many who have gone on to start their own successful farms. Additionally, we have mentored over 10 MOFGA journeypersons. While we love on-farm education right here at our own place and in our own state, we are happy to help you get your farm started or work towards decisions about scaling up no matter where you are located.

With 15 seasons behind us, we are ready to offer our mistakes and successes for you to learn from.

Our most unique offering is our awareness and experience regarding what makes a successful lease arrangement work for farmers and landowners. Having leased land from a private land owner and a non-profit, we are capable of helping you research, mediate, negotiate and develop a strong partnership.

John has developed an insightful vision for technology on farms in the near future.

Get in touch with us about your needs. We look forward to growing the next generation of farmers.