Flowers for Educators

Flowers for Educators

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Give some fall goodness to a teacher!

Our teachers and school administrators have been faced with unimaginable difficulties since the pandemic started and will continue to be put through a whirlwind of changes for many months to come. Let's show them some love and support by bringing a little farm grown beauty into their lives. 

Gift a Fall Goodness bunch to teachers and school administrators in our region:
$30 for 3 bunches 
$50 for 5 bunches
$70 for 7 bunches
$100 for 10 bunches
We will deliver 20-50 bunches to a school depending on the size. Our goal is to reach as many schools in our area as we can! 

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Black Teacher Project - a program that sustains and develops Black teachers to lead and reimagine schools as communities of liberated learning. BTP's vision is that every student will benefit from the diversity, excellence, and leadership of an empowered Black teaching force.