May 5, 2020

Dear Broadturn Farm Camp Families,

Thank you to all of you who helped us think through camp this season by replying to our survey. The overwhelming sentiment is one of deep support that will most certainly buoy us for some time. But, most of you are just not ready to send your child to camp and we, in some ways, are relieved by that. We are cancelling the 2020 summer farm camp season at Broadturn.

As we envisioned a wholesale re-working of summer camp, although do-able, it remained unappealing to us and to many of you. Face masks and an entirely outdoor based curriculum seemed untenable. Our interior, wooden surfaces, while appealing in many ways, are not easily sanitized and we just aren’t ready for a remodel.

And, there are some of you who are coming from out of state for the summer or traveling out of state prior to camp and determining how to manage the 14 day quarantine period pre-camp is not always an option. There were a number of families who have an immunocompromised camper or family member and the exposure risk is too great.

On a more personal note, a few of you shared your own personal loss stories with us relative to COVID-19. We hold you all in the light and send you sentiments of love and peace. You are the families that bring us to tears in the field on a spring day when we think about the realness of what we are dealing with, globally. You are in our hearts.

Over the rest of the month, we will be processing refunds for all of you with the credit card you used to pay. Please be patient. Our usual, robust spring crew is not with us this season and between planting and harvesting, we’ll sit down and power through some office work in the evenings and on rainy days.

We will be opening our flower shop and farm stand for online, pre-order sales. If you have any interest in converting some or all of your child’s tuition to credit, that is an option. We are working on the mechanism for making this simple so please send Stacy an email and she will follow-up with more details in the coming week.

Thank you all for your kindness and support.

Stacy and John

Long ago, before we were Broadturn Farm, we started a little farm in Cape Elizabeth called Turkey Hill Farm, on a piece of rented land. There was produce, livestock and a little farm camp program, which is still running.

Now, 15 years later, we are still at it! We're on a different plot of land, with a different name but there's still produce and livestock and a little summer farm camp program. Additionally, there's a Preschool Program, and field trips for school groups.

Broadturn Farm provides the only programming for children in the area on a true working, production agriculture farm. We are certified organic so you never have to worry about your children eating sugar snap peas right off the vine!

There is never a shortage of farm work for kids to wonder at or engage in while they spend time in our programs. We love the enthusiasm they bring to the land. We are here to instill in your children the heritage of agriculture through engagement with a working landscape.

They'll come home with dirty knees and great stories...and they might even have a new life plan to farm!

Marcy Rolerson Photography

What We Offer

Summer Camps

The MOFGA certified organic Broadturn Farm is an authentic working farm that embodies the heritage of agriculture for children through engagement with a working landscape. 

Preschool Discoveries

This program is filled with age-appropriate activities that encourage exploration and nurture farm-based learning. Our mornings are spent outside learning about the plant & animal life in the gardens and woods at Broadturn Farm.

School Field Trips

We love sharing the farm with school & community groups! From preschool to college, we can accommodate your group for a farm tour spring, summer or fall. Tours, times and prices are tailored to the age of the attendees.

Our On-Farm Education Team

The educational arm of Broadturn Farm is run by a very dynamic team, full of dedication to authentic living, farming and children!

Megan Dunn

Education Director

Megan holds a Fine Arts degree from the Maine College of Art and an Art Education degree from the University of Southern Maine, and she leads the education crew here at Broadturn. She fully embraces the work of farm-based education, creating curriculum that combines her love of teaching with her passion for art, the great outdoors, and good food -- fresh from the farm, fields and woods.

When she's not teaching, you can expect to see her foraging in the woods, knitting, fermenting veggies, playing her ukulele or walking a goat! A Maine native, Megan has been with Broadturn Farm as a farmer, educator and livestock wrangler for 13 years. Her favorite activity on the farm? Picking those pesky potato beetles with the camp kids and feeding them to the chickens (the beetles, not the kids!).

Zoe Ryan-Humphrey 

Lead Educator

Zoe is in her seventh year of elementary teaching in Portland. Though she’ll be sad to say goodbye to her students for summer vacation, she’ll be VERY excited to return to Broadturn for what will be her 10th summer at the farm.

Her enthusiasm for farm and outdoor education is infectious and she can often be found with a big smile and a few children dangling from her arms. When she’s not on the farm or at school, she can usually be found knitting, cooking and eating fresh food or romping with her family of domesticated animals in and around Portland. Her FAVORITE parts of being on the farm are eating veggies straight from the earth AND enjoying the cool stream on a hot, hot day.

Deb Justham

Lead Educator

Deb's gift is the warm welcome she provides to our youngest farmers. Deb holds a B.A. from the University of N.H. with dual majors in Elementary Education and Psychology. She has many years of experience working in the field of early childhood and loves to guide experiential activities and exploration with young children, promoting a sense of wonder about the world around us. 

She has raised goats and geese, grown and preserved her own food, and prefers being active outside exploring nature. This will be Deb's 9th season teaching our 4 & 5 year old campers. Her favorite activity: scavenger hunts in the woods! 

Have a question about Summer Camps, Preschool Discoveries, or other education opportunities at Broadturn Farm?