The End of Broadturn Farm Camp

In 2004, when we were still at our tiny farm in Cape Elizabeth, a group of parents from our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) decided to form a summer camp for our kids. It was a lot like a co-op but it all happened in our front yard, next to the vegetable field. The pigs, chickens, and sheep on that small piece of land provided the kids with pretty much all the entertainment they needed. We continued to run Farm Camp when we moved to Scarborough where kids discovered the woods, the stream, some cows, and...TRACTORS. In a lot of ways the kids learned about farming alongside us. 

There are so many reasons to have a camp on a farm. So why would we take a pause on a summer tradition? Well, try a global pandemic for starters. COVID-19 gave many of us a chance to look at our lives and our business with fresh eyes. 2020 at Broadturn Farm was different. It was still busy (but with less business) and it was still hard work (though with less help). But the quiet without camp and with that one extra thing that we did not have on the agenda, was honestly, a small relief. We have committed to simplify and streamline which is so much harder than our usual practice of adding “one more thing.” 

So, this is the bad news no one wants to hear. Broadturn Farm Camp is off for 2021, and probably beyond. The good news is that there is always an open door at Broadturn Farm for forest exploration, stream crossings, and maybe even some flower picking. Also, we encourage families to explore cooperative childcare. It might just amount to a summer job for a high school teen. It might just go on for 15 years and take hundreds of families through the experience of growing up and building community! 

So much thanks is owed: to our great employees, to the land that sustains us, and to the families that have joined us since 2004! And, most especially to Megan Dunn, for so many years of amazing, Deb Justham for always making room for the youngest campers with the softest heart and to Zoe Ryan-Humphrey for demonstrating to our older campers just how cool an adult can be. We love you all. We love the trust you placed in us with your children. It’s been a great run-of-show.

With Gratitude,
John and Stacy